• DC-1230A
  • DC-1230A
  • DC-1230A
  • DC-1230A
  • DC-1230A
  • DC-1230A
  • DC-1230A
  • DC-1230A
  • AGM/GEL Battery Charger - DC-1230A
  • AGM/GEL Battery Charger - DC-1230A
  • AGM/GEL Battery Charger - DC-1230A
  • AGM/GEL Battery Charger - DC-1230A

Suoer 30A 12V charger portable battery charger with Jump Start Function


AGM/GEL Battery Charger


This Car Battery Charger have 10-second car engine start function and temperature control fan, when MCU detect the charger’s temperature more than 45 degrees will open the fan until below to 35 degrees.Can choose charging current, 7A\14A\20A\40A.Also have auto stop when full recharge function.

Three-phase constant current,constant voltage,floating(trickle)quick charge.

10-second car engine start function.

High efficient power transfer technology.

Compact and lightweight design.

All kinds of working state digital display.

Intelligent digital battery repair and active function.

Various power circuit protection.

Alumium magnesium shell,plane drawbench and metal anodic oxidation tecnology.

Temperature control fan.

LED display.





Model DC-1210A DC-1220A DC-1230A DC-1240A
Input Voltage 180V/240V 180V/240V 180V/240V 180V/240V
Apply to the battery voltage (DC) 12V 12V 12V 12V
Maximum charge voltage 15.5V 15V 15V 15V
Maximum Charger Current 10A 20A 20A 30A
Display method Digital Digital Digital Digital
Rated power 47~63HZ 47~63HZ 47~63HZ 47~63HZ
Charging mode Three-phase Three-phase Four-phase Three-phase
Full load efficiency >90% >90% >90% >90%
Dimensions 153*96*55MM 183x96x55MM 188*128*68MM 235*128*68MM
Packed QTY        
Certification ISO,CTA,CE

Video Tutoria

You can use the charger's engine starting function to start up when coming across following problems:

The car has no eletricity and breaks down.

The engine oil becomes thicker in winter,which makes it difficult to start up.

The car's engine is aging and it is unable to start up the ca.

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