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What is the difference between a 3kw off grid inverter with MPPT and PWM

Date:2023/11/27 |Author:Max lu|Vistors:0

Differences between PWM and MPPT controllers
1. Read the literal meaning
PWM is pulse width modulation
Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)
2. The PWM charging method adopts a three-stage charging method of strong charging, balanced charging, and float charging;
The PWM solar controller solves the problems of insufficient battery charging and short battery life, but the solar panels are not fully utilized
MPPT solar controller refers to the MPPT solar controller with "maximum power point tracking", which can detect the voltage and current of the solar panel in real time, and continuously track the maximum power (P=U * I), so that the system always charges the battery at maximum power. The entire system has a power generation efficiency of up to 97%, and the battery charging stage is divided into MPPT charging, constant voltage average charging, and constant voltage floating charging stages.
3. Price
The price of PWM controllers is relatively low (market prices generally range from 10 to 20USD), while the price of MPPT controllers ranges from 20 to 150 USD.
4. Charging operation mode and current regulation ability
PWM can only be used in conjunction with relevant voltages, such as 12V system battery boards, which can only be paired with 12V controllers and batteries
24V can only be paired with a 24V system
MPPT is different. In general, a wide voltage design can be used with input voltage (only solar panel voltage) between 12V and 170V, and output voltage (only battery voltage) between 12V and 96V, making it more applicable
5. Comparison of efficacy conversion
The PWM controller is used to charge a 100W battery board based on voltage drop


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